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十分感謝關注INFOBANK產品。請填寫下面的試用賬戶申請表格(* 為必填),為方便我們的客戶代表與您聯系,請盡可能填寫真實信息。您也可以直接致電我們的客戶代表聯系試用賬戶,電話是:86-010-8413-4405 (北京),或 852-28776388 (香港)。我們將竭誠為您提供良好的服務。

Thank you very much to concern SOSHOO products. Please fill in the following trial account application form (* are required), for the convenience of our customer representatives to contact you, please fill out as much as possible the real information. You can also call our customer representatives to have a trial accounts, Tel :86-800-810-9210(Beijing),or 852-2877-6388 (Hong Kong). We will be happy to provide you with good service.

北京  Beijing

上海  Shanghai

香港  Hong Kong

客戶服務部 Customer Service(86)010-8413-4405 客戶服務部 Customer Service:(86)021-51336693/94/95/96 客戶服務部 Customer Service:(852)28776388
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Beijing Special Link Data Company Limited
Shanghai Branch, Beijing Special Link Data Company Limited
China INFOBANK (International) Limited
郵件地址 E-mail:[email protected] 郵件地址 E-mail:[email protected] 郵件地址 E-mail:[email protected]
電話 Tel:(86)010-84134405/06
傳真 Fax:(86)010-84131720
電話 Tel:(86)021-51336693/94/95/96
傳真 Fax:(86)021-51336692
電話 Tel:(852)28776388
傳真 Fax:(852)28275257
Address:No. 18 building, No. 30 South College Road, Beijing, China 100082
郵編: 200122
Address:RM.1207,International Shopping Center,No.1088 Pudong Road South,Shanghai,China . 200122
Address:Unit 3,15/F,Fashion Centre, 51-53 Wing Hong Street,Cheung Sha Wan,Kowloon   

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